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A proud multi award winning company

Multi Award Winning Company

Griffiths & Associates Ltd is a multi-award winning company who continually meet or beat client expectations.


Griffiths & Associates Ltd is in the Project Management business related to Construction and Property Development and is based in Whangarei with Associate offices in other parts of New Zealand. The company has developed a niche market within New Zealand. Our service has been readily received by Property Owners, Schools and the Education Sector, Local Body Councils, Sports and Arts Sectors, Developers and the Construction Industry as a whole.


Our Associates are well versed in their specialist areas of knowledge in the Built Environment.










What We Do

As Construction Delivery Strategists our services often become all encompassing.


To ensure projects succeed, we are often called upon to deliver many different skill sets including, but not limited to:


  • Return on Investment calculations and studies

  • Land/Building Suitability Studies

  • Assisting with Project Structuring and Governance

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Procurement of Consultants, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Suppliers and Specialists and Procurement Strategising 

  • Bid Analysis

  • Design and Engineering management of construction (multi-disciplinary)

  • Value Engineering 

  • Programme Development and Monitoring

  • On and Off site management of construction (documented)

  •  Risk Management and Mitigation

  • Health and Safety leadership and champions

  • Variation Claims review

  • Full fiscal management of projects, including monthly claim drawdowns (budget, costs to date, preparation and monitoring and approval of payments) 

  • Project crisis management

  • Quality Assurance leadership, management and inspections

  • 10 year Property Planning for the Education Sector

  • Property Inspections and Condition Assessment

  • Facility Management and Maintenance Planning

  • Peer Reviews

  • Mediation

  • Executive Placements

  • Acting as Bank’s Cost Custodian

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Mansfield House, 127 Bank Street
Whangarei 0110, Northland, New Zealand

PO Box 454, Whangarei 0140


Phone: (09) 430 3072


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