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Griffiths and Associates are active in both community and Whangarei District Council construction initiatives, with many impressive and unique projects already featuring in our gallery. We take great pride in our community involvement, and have successfully steered funding applications and feasibilities while having also project managed a number of award-winning community and council projects. 


Inherent to each of these was the need for intense management of both time and budget, and the requirement for open and constant communications across a range of core interested parties. The nature of community-invested projects is quite particular, with a high level of accountability integral to the successful management and completion of each project.


Our team here at Griffiths and Associates are highly experienced in maintaining control of small to large scale projects, and have perfected a management technique that is both inclusive and transparent. Through engaging our professional project management services, our clients notice an increase in inter-consultant and contractor cooperation, project time management and budget control. 


We manage all aspects of a project, and engage our clients in frequent communication, producing ongoing reports and ensuring strategy alignment through periodical investor meetings. Griffiths and Associates manage any issues as they arise, in coordination with the values and timeline and financial budgets of the project. 


We are able to intelligently assess each situation, where possible avoiding delays or conflicts, resolving those that do arise and facilitating a smooth construction process.


Most of all, Griffiths and Associates are proud to be involved in many of Northland’s most prominent civic community, arts and sports projects, and we truly feel as though we are leaving a legacy for our following generations. These projects deserve the very best management possible: and this is what we provide, without fail.



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