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Education Project Management

The management of property within the education sector demands a highly specialised set of skills. Here at Griffiths and Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer forward-thinking solutions specifically designed for the education sector. We focus on delivering detailed 10 year property plans for schools and educational facilities, taking into consideration infrastructure upgrades, the creation of innovative learning spaces and the assessment of future requirements and long term maintenance.


Griffiths and Associates are well known for our ability to deliver a quality result within strict timeframes and within budget. We understand that this is extremely important within the education sector, where delays can cause widespread effects for staff and students alike. Our management process is transparent and equitable, and we provide regular reports and process updates throughout the project build. We retain firm control over all processes involved in your project, providing you with a complete service experience from start to finish.


Our entire team attends Ministry of Education workshops and seminars to keep abreast of the latest changes and innovations. We have worked with over 71 schools in the Northland Region, most for multiple projects over a period of years. We have worked with schools in Auckland too. Many of our team are trained to advanced level for 10 Year Property Planning. We have completed over 58 detailed 10 Year Property Plans to date.


We are a preferred supplier for project management and 10 Year Property Planning which entailed a rigorous and detailed process to attain.



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